Preparation of an Overcomers Mind Set

 “From a stratum of existing like a fool, hooked on drugs, I am now an Overcomer. My  life has been transformed, because my heart has been reconditioned.  While I know that I inspire leaders, my heart feels the pain of the addicted and vulnerable for I too have walked that lonely road.”
 Are the challenges of our very complex society getting you fed-up and frustrated – challenges such as the confusion of ‘values’ in our society, a confusion encouraged by corrupt conditions?
Would you like to become a change agent, irrespective of your present circumstances? Would you like to influence your socio-economic environment? The good news is – YES, you can! You can improve society and reduce the corrupt conditions that encourage confusion, strife, poverty and other social illnesses. It all begins with you. True reformation and transformation begin with the reconditioning of your HEART out of which the mouth speaks.
Your friends and associates may try to present attractive and convincing reasons why you should do something you know to be wrong.  Such action will not work to better your situation or that of the environment. Would you allow others to continue conditioning your HEART in a way that does not benefit you or your environment on a continuum? You perhaps have tried so many plasters to heal  sores;  to fix that situation; stop that destructive habit but it only becomes worse,  even at times  giving you a temporary fix as drugs do.
We are bombarded by messages that tell us how to feel about ourselves.  However, the teaching about genuine service to others seems alien. Is the preventable suffering of others affecting you? Can you feel the pain of the woman existing on the street as a vagrant? Have you ever asked yourself how she got there or what was at the root of her demise?
Does your spirit ever question what leads others to the self-destructive action of drug abuse? What about the savage abuse of children and the senseless killing of our youth, most times by youth – the future of our nation and of the world? Does your inside turn? Maybe you have tried reaching out but have met some mountains and now you are left wishing if only you could do something to help. Can you help? YES, you can!
   “I am an ‘Overcomer’ because the Lord has stood by my side and given me strength.  He is the source of my every supply. I am a visionary, an exemplar, a straightforward, honest individual who understands my purpose, indeed, man’s purpose. I feel the pain of the afflicted and vulnerable. This is why I am here to help: to inspire; motivate; educate; counsel; train and mentor individuals to become Overcomers.”
Maybe you are a member of a community-based group; a faith-based or non-governmental organization or just a caring citizen whose desire is to help persons challenged to ‘overcome’ but you are not sure how.  All you may need is some training or mentoring or to become a member of a team where you can acquire the skill of providing a community service for the poor; for that vulnerable, addicted stranger or family member. Once your focus is to serve persons in distress – individuals or families who do not know their true purpose in life, challenged as they are by sexually transmitted diseases, poverty and strife   -there is quality help readily available.
Should you wish to help, facilitating a better social environment where the principles of justice and equity are alive and well, you can become part of our team.  Our team works with commitment and sensitivity in service of vulnerable populations to ensure a continuous reduction in crime; sexually transmitted infection; discrimination; stigmatization and in the delinquent behaviour of our youth and others.
If you, or someone you know is challenged by ‘mind-altering substances’, such as crack-cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, tobacco, or any sexually transmitted infection, you or the individual(s) can become an Overcomer. Maybe you or others you know have been to various rehabilitation centres, or support groups and are as yet unable to overcome, we say to you: YES that situation can be changed!
You need the services of an Overcomer, a client centered peer-counselor; a motivational educator; an advocate; an individual who is very experienced, knowledgeable, passionate and committed to facilitating the creation of a better social environment for all. Such an individual is capable of working with individuals and organizations to sensitize, counsel, train and mentor them in understanding our central theme: ‘Your Choices and Your life Chances will Determine Your Destiny.’ Greed; lust; addiction; racism and other ‘isms’ can be overcome. YES THEY CAN! Become an Overcomer, a change agent. You can learn to understand your purpose and fulfill it while developing the capacity to help others.
For more information contact us at 868-679-6747; 868-781-1275 or via email:-  Feel free to visit the Reformation and Transformation Centre, The Voice of One – Overcomers’ Club, situated at #56 Railway Road, Dow Village, California.