Emerging New Leaders (10th Anniversary Function)

The Voice Of One – Overcomers Club celebrated 10 years of communty service on October 1, 2011.  The number 10 is significant as it represents the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new series of numbers.

The numerical system consists of many tens, of which, The Voice Of One – Overcomers Club has completed an impacting one.  Come learn about us, initiate, partner or strengthen your commitment with us.  We’ll love to have you.

Many thanks to Dr. Rev. Winston Cuffie for allowing us use of the Miracle Ministries Pentecostal High School Auditorium.  Antoinette Glasgow-Figaro, Administrative Secretary (See gallery for more photos)

2004 Programme Participant – About My Experience

Delivered at 10th Anniversary Function held on October 1, 2011

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentleman.

It is with great pleasure that I join THE VOICE OF ONE OVERCOMERS
CLUB to celebrate their ten year anniversary.

I can recall, it was a sunny Saturday morning in 2004 when I first
walked through the doors of the Transformation Centre in California.

The walls were painted in green (I can safely say the green theme has
been preserved)…. On the green walls hung charts depicting TOPICS, I
and the young person’s present would over the July/August vacation
period be taught and drilled on by the dedicated Mr. Anderson Figaro.

The information received included the basic fundamentals on HIV/Aids;
its transmission, prevention and treatment. Also other sexually
transmitted diseases as well as drug abuse, its causes and effects
just to name a few subjects covered.

My involvement with The Voice of One Overcomers Club allowed me at the
tender age of thirteen to gain a ‘real understanding of Society’. The
knowledge gained has helped in my decision making over the years.

Not only have I been able to make informed decisions but along the way
I been able to assist others who find themselves in a difficult

The quote ‘Choice not Chance determines Destiny’ has always been and
still is emphasized by Mr. Anderson Figaro probably because it is the
name of the program; however these words became my personal ideology.
As a young person being conscious of my present choices affecting my
future, this encouraged me to ensure the choices I made in the now
would allow for my dreams to come true in the future.

I look forward to continue working with The Voice of One Overcomers
Club; I do not regret the time I was directly involved as the
experience and knowledge gained has indeed blessed my life.

Thank you.

Giselle Burton – Programme Participant 2004

Feature Address – 10th Anniversary Function and Camp Blossom Graduation (2011)

Thank you Madam Chairman.
Mr. Anderson Figaro, Founder of the Voice of One – Overcomers Club and his team members, (Pastor Winston Cuffie (Chaconia Gold), Manager of Miracle Ministries Pentecostal Church and High School), other specially invited guests…
Long time the old people used to say that each man is responsible for his own life style. They also said that if you show me a man and the friends with whom he likes to “lime” then you can tell the type of home from which he comes. These sayings still hold true…for people are still being judged by the way they walk, talk and carry about themselves, in fact their whole mannerisms, their choices, their actions.
Therefore, my philosophy is that it is crucial that parents, teachers and all influential people in our community transmit to our young people the correct values which are important for acceptable citizenship, positive nation building, tolerance and respect for all human beings.
If each individual, be it adult or child becomes more responsible for himself and other members of our society, we would not witness so often situations where parents and relatives have to hold their heads and bawl because they have lost a loved one to criminal activities or socially transmitted diseases.
You see, each youth has the right to express himself freely; he also has numerous opportunities to make choices and to explore and find his own identity. But are there systems in place to support our youths at home, church, school and the community? How do we want our youths to acquire success and fulfil their personal growth if we do not guide them and show them alternatives to the challenges they may face?
The Voice of One, Overcomers Club is advocating that if children are mentored to develop healthy mind-sets to prepare them to become lifelong learners, then they would be equipped to use their knowledge and skills to face the challenges which they would encounter on a daily basis.
Our youths are our resources – we must invest in them. Let us all look at our lifestyles – Are we really doing the right thing? Is there a better, more socially acceptable way to gain success? For what are we being respected? Is it based on honesty, spirituality and moral values? Do we stand up for what is really right or are we just following the crowd?
We must all understand that true success is not easily acquired. It depends however on the type of choices you and I make throughout our life. That will determine our destiny. We cannot buy choices or decisions.
But we can acquire the skills to use our innate ability, that uncanny feeling, that gut feeling to practise what is socially acceptable as right. We must always remember that there are consequences to each action and we have to live with the results after.
Toddlers are taught not to touch things which are dangerous to their well being, if they persist then they may be hurt – that is the result of their decision.
It is important to note that it is okay to be different when everyone else seems to be doing the wrong thing. We all have the ability to change our attitude… to change our own destiny. We have the ability to lift our own self esteem, lead by example, act decently, think rationally, treat everyone with respect and commend ourselves each time we make positive choices.
Therefore everyone, adults, youths must engage in meaningful activities as part of their responsibility to become a more tolerant person in society. The Voice of One, Overcomers Club is determined to assist in creating a healthy, safe environment for all societies. The members of the graduating class in our midst… are you willing to continue to develop your positive, personal growth so that others would recognise your light as a beacon of hope for change in our society?
Mr. Figaro and his team are assiduously promoting healthy life styles throughout the width and breadth of our country. As they continue with their Outreach programmes, what is your decision? What choices are you willing to make? Are you willing to assist in transforming lives? Are you willing to do the right things in the right way? Are you willing to live the mantra of the Voice of One – Overcomers Club which is – “Make the correct choice because it is not by chance that your destiny is determined.” – The choice is yours… Everything is in your hands.
I want to commend all the talented youths who performed today and all those who completed the training programme.
Finally Mr. Figaro, congratulations from the Ministry of Education on your achievement of ten (10) years of community service through the Voice of One – Overcomers Club.
I thank you.