Counselor, Motivational Educator , Advocate desirous to helping YOU Overcome

Profile of Anderson Figaro: Anderson is the founder and visionary of “The Voice Of One-Overcomers Club” and its programme: Choice, Not Chance, Determines Destiny. The main components of this program are as follows:


    1. Understanding and Reducing Vulnerability.


    1. Verbal, Visual and Dramatic Expression Forum.


    1. Camp Blossom.


  1. Positive Living.


Anderson is also the creator, writer and Director of the following:


    1. Dialogue…together we are the solution, a News letter.


    1. Understand this, an epic drama of the impact of HIV.


    1. Consequences of, a dramatic piece about choices, perceptions, attitudes and behaviour.


    1. Pandoras Box, about misinformation, misinformed opinions, stigma and discrimination.


    1. What make you feel you better than me, a poem addressing the :better than syndrome”.


    1. Who doh hear, go feel, about the consequences of adhering to negative influences.


  1. VON-OC Sexually Transmitte Infections booklet


He has also written numerous inspirational essays…continues to write.


Has conceptualized and implemented:


    1. Community Action Groups


    1. Community Agents for Transformation


    1. Ambassadors


    1. Central Networking Of Non-governmental Organization and an


    1. Advocacy Platform


  1. all of the above is aimed towards the actualization of the vision.


Andersons’ foundation is in the social sciences (psychology,sociology,social work,client centered counselling) strengthened by Faith Ministry studies, on a continuum, which means he is a practitioner of the Christian way of life. Mr. Figaro is highly motivated, committed and driven by the compassion he feels for the vulnerable, oppressed (especially those caught up in the state of false class consciousness)and afflicted members of society. His goal is to stimulate and facilitate the recreation of those challenged by drugs, sexually transmitted infections, greed and low-self-esteem, and to transform the way civil society organizations operate.


Anderson is constantly up-dating, building his capacity to serve the vulnerable,oppressed and afflicted.He has over a decade of practical and theoretical experience in facilitating bahaviour change programes successfully. He has created and facilitated motivational educational seminar, capacity building work-shops and an advocacy platform. His work has been highlighted on various television stations, radio stations and news papers,has made numerous appearances and interviews on television, radio and news-paper. Anderson is the recipient of the community service award, from the ministry of Community Development (2005)and many other awards from various entities in recognition of his excellent work as an advocate, preventative, motivational educator, counsellor and psychosocial support service provider. The most recent award came from the Miracle Ministries, Institute of Ministry and Tertiary Education, (2011). Have worked in collaboration with various government agencies such as:Ministry of Education, Ministry of Social Development,Ministry of community development,Ministry of Sport and youth Affairs, Ministry of Health, Ministry of national Securities,Ministry of Labour; coordinated and hosted the national AIDS Candlelight Memorial (2008) in which Ms. World Zi Lin Zang was the feature speaker, coordinated the first (National)community knowledge fair for World AIDS day 2009,(this even is now being implemented by the ministry of the people and social development, HIV/AIDS coordinating Unit) in collaboration with seven government ministries and the national AIDS coordinating Committee. He is also ably managing the afairs of ‘The Voice Of One-Overcomers Club”, which includes the facilitating of its programme and the managing of its “reformation and transformation centre”


For more information and contractual arrangements for his services or that of the centre, please feeel free to contact him at 868-679-6747 or