Are we smart, safe, stupid

Thirty years experience of HIV and I am hearing and reading the same old insincere language; the same old clichés by the same old top down approach method, sprinkled with the very few HIV positive tokens.  Are we smart, safe stupid or what?
For thirty years the population has been hearing about the modes of transmission, the vulnerability factors that fuel the continued spread of HIV and for thirty years the majority of the population is still not taking into consideration the consequences of risky sexual behavior. Many still indulge in overdoing things that bring or give temporary pleasure, but result in a life time of physical and or psychological suffering.  Just imagine for the past four or five years, according to the Ministry of Health, in Trinidad, we are reporting 4 new cases every day; are we smart, safe, stupid or what?.
Thirty years and I have not seen a change in attitude in those who sits in seats of influence. They still avoid persons, projects and programs that would really bring about sustainable behavior change. They are still excising nepotism and manipulation and placing square pegs into round holes; are we smart, safe, stupid or what? For thirty years they have refused to implement laws for the greater good of all, the infected and the non-infected. Instead they are postulating a lopsided response that encourages risky behavior covered by the “human rights” principle. Are we smart, safe, stupid or what?
For thirty years, tokenism has prevailed. My colleagues in the HIV sector are still behaving like undisciplined little children, caught up in the better than syndrome. When they attend conferences, or meetings, there is no meaningful impact.  The opportunities are not intelligently used; there is no advocacy, even more importantly – no activism. Further, there is no collective platform to influence policies and programs that would ensure a better social environment. Are we smart, safe, stupid or what?
When will this ignorance and stupidity end? When will there be a demand for accountability of precious resources just being used to host training programs that never utilized the persons trained, meaningfully. When will we experience true inclusion and dialogue aimed at creating and sustaining a better social environment?
Anderson Figaro.