1st quarter report (Oct.1st to Dec. 31, 2011)

#of persons reached : approximately 500


  • 10th anniversary dinner and graduation (VON-OC)
  • Graduation of 6 VON-OC members at Hyatt- a collaborative with the Ministry of Health (Rapid Testers and Peer-Educators/Counselors)
  • Health workshop on gender issues-Mt. Hope
  • Evening to Re-connect with CSN/CTTRD
  •  Meeting with the MP for Couva South-R. Indarsingh
  •  Attended the HIV conference in the Bahamas
  • World AIDS day 2011 observance in collaboration with the Community Renewal Unit of Flaming Word Ministry (FBO)
  • Attended the consultation at Mc Bean Couva Re- establishing a “Civil Society Board”…out of the PM office
  • Installed our NGO House sign-board
  • Our Christmas Observance and “initiating our book/reading club”

VON-OC Vision Statement

The Voice Of One-Overcomers Club aims to be a “comprehensive catalyst”, stimulating, facilitating; influencing “norms”, “values”, “morals” and “ethical” standards for capacity development and service delivery to persons and communities challenged by strife, diseases, drugs and poverty.

Mission Statement

The Voice Of One-Overcomers Club will provide essential:

  • Psychosocial Support Services
  • Capability (educational) developmental services
  • Advocacy

Foundational beliefs

  • We believe that all human lives are precious and valuable.
  •  That principles are the foundation for lasting effective impact, and that they are universal and timeless.
  •  That leadership is a choice
  •  To effectively address social issues, genuine networking/collaboration among individuals/organizations is necessary.
  •  To serve humanity is not about your personal feeling (at any given time) but a conscious choice.

Our Core Values

  • Commitment to principles
  • Commitment to personal enhancement (to serve)
  • Commitment to satisfactory customer/client impact/development
  •  Respect
  •  Advocacy
  •  Profitable growth

Our aims

To effectively and efficiently manage/operate our “Reformation and Transformation Centre” as:

  •  The NGO house (training and sensitization…)
  •  National advocacy platform
  •  A psychosocial support and Respite (future) sanctuary

Our role as an NGO in T & T

  •  Educate, train/mentor, build the capability of individuals, organizations and communities challenged by strife, diseases, drugs and poverty.
  •  Promote principles of confidentiality and consent
  •  Stimulate and facilitate critical thinking among our youth, NGO…not limited too…
  •  Promote greater and more meaningful awareness and participation among our population towards social issues.
  •  Promote actions/projects informed by empirical data.

Comparative advantage          

  •  Capability to train/mentor, educate individuals and organizations
  •  Capability to provide quality psychosocial support services
  •  Our own facility
  •  Empowered, empathetic, committed, passionate and guided by a vision.

Program Name

Choice, Not Chance, Determines Destiny

Program Focus

To build morally applaudable  character and capability in individuals, organizations and communities to achieve realistic and sustainable goals/results.

Goal 1:

Become more visible and the preferred psychosocial, advocacy and capability development institution.

Goal 2

Improve the knowledge, for prevention and coping skills of individuals and families challenged by:

  •  Strife
  •  Diseases, including drug addiction
  •  Poverty

Goal 3

  •  Improve the ways of working among and between the NGO community.

2012 projects

  •  Capacity Building workshop
  •  Camp Blossom
  •  Internationally recognized HIV/AIDS specific projects
  •  Hold Fundraising dinner for our 11th anniversary (Saturday 29th September 2012)


For further information, please contact 868-679-6747 or send e-mail to von_oc@yahoo.com

Is Carnival Time Again: a rare moment when we truly become one


I have decided to pen this article with the full understanding of the Carnival period and the varying cultures of the people of this land. It is hoped that it will stimulate your awareness about the very possible consequences of hosting the “World’s biggest street party”

During this extremely euphoric and erotic period in the life of Trinidad and Tobago, shattering mistakes are very likely to occur. This is a period when we hardly recognize race, ethnicity or social class; a rare moment when we truly become one. Perhaps this seeming unity may be due to the illusory state that we just might be in, taken there either by the music, emotion-changing substances or both.

Trinidad Carnival is the greatest street festival in the world and for the citizens of this twin-island state, a time of tremendous risk-taking. Citizens of the globe gather here, bringing with them their unique culture even as they prepare to enjoy ours. This is a highly-charged, very liberated period, where we tolerate and rationalize unusual behaviours. We fully exercise our rights to indulge in actions and activities that have proven over the years, to produce predominantly negative consequences. Yet we persist in doing this over and over, prompting the question: Are we too smart for our own good or are we simply mad about partying?

What are some of the very possible life-shattering mistakes that could occur especially to vulnerable youth, as they “free up” with unscrupulous characters who will exploit the unsuspecting. They could be drugged, sexually assaulted or even killed. They could contract incurable diseases like HIV, the most misunderstood sexually transmitted infection globally.

Is it so smart to drink until we are out of control-a risk to ourselves and to others? After all, it is the body’s physical and emotional response to the substance taken, knowingly or unknowingly which brings about regret.

We speak about Carnival babies, stabbing, and sexual assaults, loss of self-respect, sexually transmitted infections as if we did not know that when we indulge in this frenzy, these will be the possible negative consequences. Perhaps most frightening of all is the misconception held by so many, that because there is medication available for the treatment of HIV, they can be carefree. Are we as smart as we hope or simply more mad than we understand?

We have seen the negative consequences of the casual use and abuse of substances such as; tobacco, alcohol, marijuana and crack-cocaine on the user, the family member, the community and the national economy. Casual acts of excessive sexual self-indulgence have proven to be a major cause of the continued scourge of sexually transmitted infections. The unwise use and abuse of stimulants, knowingly or unknowingly have placed a heavy burden on the individual, on families, communities and the nation at large.

I truly empathise with the innocent, specifically the child born to a woman who perhaps did not know her status or that of her partner, as she/he engaged in the sexual act in the heat of the moment.

This Carnival, as you innocently “free-up”, know that there are unscrupulous characters that will exploit your vulnerability and leave you in physical, economic and psychological pain. Know for a fact that the casual and high-risk indulgences that you continue to rationalize and justify irrespective of the proof of their consequences have cast almost in stone, the negative consequences brought on by your attitude and behaviour. The tremendous financial cost and emotional pain brought on by STIs and the abuse of mind-altering-substances are consequences which are avoidable. Stop! Think before you act and ask yourself, am I being smart, safe, stupid or mad?

I pray that at this very moment you have been moved to take the necessary precautions-your life is worth it.

Anderson Figaro.

Visionary, Director, Educator and Advocate of

The Voice Of One-Overcomers Club.


Community Spirit Awarded to Antoinette Glasgow-Figaro

Our very own Antoinette Glasgow was one of the 54 RBC and RBTT employees to receive the Community Spirit Awards in 2010. The awards honours employees of the RBTT Financial Group that give their time to help improve their communities.

As part of the award prize, RBC will donate CAD$1,000 to the Voice Of One – Overcomers Club, in recognition of the volunteer work done by Antoinette to help the charity with it’s efforts in capacity building among young people.

More information about other who received awards can be found at the RBTT website