PROJECT LAUNCH – Caring From Within – December 1, 2012

This is a project that has the potential to change the course of HIV and AIDS. After reviewing all that has been done, we have renewed our optimism; we can change the course of the HIV epidemic.

“Caring from within”.  The project serves as an urgent preparation tool and call to action, from every individual, organization and community. It acknowledges that in seizing the potential possible in synergistic work, we can actually change the course, cost and impact of HIV. However, this will require, among other key variables, enhance knowledge, commitment and action at all levels; each and every stakeholder in the HIV and AIDS response must play their role.

It is on this backdrop that “The Voice Of One-Overcomers Club”, a non-governmental organization with over a decade of practical experience combined with the relevant tertiary education and training in the social sciences and spirituality have conceptualized and implemented, “Caring from within” as a component of its programme, “Choice, Not Chance, Determines Destiny”. On Saturday 1st December 2012 we will formally launch this initiative.

You are cordially invited to this dynamic experience that will stimulate and enhance your capacity to ably influence change. This change will facilitate the proper social functioning of individuals, organizations and communities.

This unique experience will come to you via a seminar, to be held at our facility; situated at #56 Railway Road, Dow Village, California, on 1st December 2012. We start at 9:00 AM. Lunch and light refreshment will be served. There is no cost to you, except your time, attention and meaningful participation.

For further information concerning this unique and dynamic experience, please call, 679-6747 or 781-1275; and make haste, for space is limited.

Anderson Figaro

Change agent, Counsellor, Advocate and Educator

Member of The Advisory Council of T&T