Be aware of the false – Social Butterfly

There are clearly defined groups of people on our planet; some are people who seem to be innately extroverted; some are introverted…some are nerds, some are dorks and some are even popular.

However we also have the person who does not fit into any of these groups; this short introduction is about this type of person whom I’ll call the “Social butterfly” it is an old term.

Have you ever watched a butterfly in action? If ever you have, you would have notice how busily they work the flower garden, flitting from flower to flower to glean a little nectar before moving on.

The actions of this insect however, is beautiful and full of purpose; the word I wish for you to remember is “purposeful”, remember this word every time a social butterfly comes your way, ask your self, to what purpose is this conversation?

Using this term descriptively I’ll like to apply it to persons who are extroverted and seem very comfortable in social situations. These persons can talk to anyone and they also seem to have a certain grace and ease at doing so. These individuals can move from person to person, group to group, sipping in the nectar of each engagement and at the same time sharing their views or ensuring their agenda is accomplished.

However, while the butterfly enhances the lives of flowers, these “false social butterfly” of today, are detractors to positive human growth and development; they sow seeds of discord among friends, group members, family members, community members and by extension members of the national community, and international community. They are greedy, lustful, envious, and speak ill of justice; they are vindictive and very manipulative, they detract from social development rather than enhance it.

Be aware of these seemly graceful, but venomous serpents! Their purpose is to steal, oppress and utterly destroy; they are not about to seek justice on your behalf, care about you or facilitate your empowerment.

Anderson Figaro,

Change Agent,

The Advisory Council T&T.