Book Review 2013 Finalists (Winner: Keann Maharaj)

Date:  Sunday 19th May 2013,
Venue: “The Transformation Centre”, situated at #56 Railway Road, Dow Village California.

This project was part “A” of our transition project, which seeks to facilitate the transition from “primary school” to “College”. This period in the young child’s life is also a transition as he/she moves from being a child to becoming an “early adolescence”. A dynamic time of physical maturation and emotional development; if inappropriately handled could result in the adolescent becoming delinquent, affected by low self–esteem and the multifaceted challenges associated with this stage of development.

Through the sustained implementation of this programme, individuals, groups, communities and our society will increasingly understand and appreciate that collectively we can make a significant different in our lives and in our society by planting seeds of “universal values”.

We are consistently working towards establishing character on the foundation of “integrity” which would ensure enhance institutions and environments. Passionately and constantly we enhance “knowledge” and “competencies” in individuals, organization and communities.