Brief on Gabrielle’s experience at Project Blossom now know as ‘Leaders are not Chameleons’


My name is Gabrielle Dalrymple and I am a former participant of Project Blossom, a project of The Voice Of One – Overcomers Club, which is a coaching and mentorship S.E.A. project. I commenced lessons in standard four (4) to prepare for SEA. When I first entered the classroom, I thought to myself ‘Why is there so much people? I want to go home!’

When I started in September 2016 there were other students about to write SEA the following year. Among the various activities of the project was a field trip to PCS Model Farm located in Pt. Lisas where we modeled for the photographer while picking fruits and vegetables. At this outdoor activity we ate donuts in the kitchen at PCS Model Farm, thereafter, took fruits home.  This was unexpected as I thought this project only involved doing schoolwork.  Furthermore, not knowing we were required to write a journal on this experience.

After the other students wrote SEA in 2017, I was the only person attending lessons. In a few weeks or month other students came. At times I felt overwhelmed because I was afraid of getting things wrong from stupid mistakes, nevertheless, I looked forward to attending lessons.  We were taught different ways to work out mathematical problems as sometimes in school we might not understand the single chosen method.

Upon reflection, I remember vividly Mr. Figaro saying that it is important to keep a journal as this would help improve our writing skills.  He continually reminded us that we must work hard to achieve our goals; that we need to have a plan otherwise it would be only a dream. I also remember him saying that we must have a good relationship with God. He would also make jokes along the way if we got an easy problem wrong like ‘You drink before you come here?’

At Project Blossom, I learned and achieved a lot, and obtained high marks in SEA and obtained my second school of choice. Mr. Figaro was also a mentor to me as I came from a single parent family. I am grateful for attending lessons because I learned life skills such as: staying true to yourself, being honest in all that you do and to think before making decisions as this can positively or negatively affect your life.

I got more than I had bargained for at Project Blossom- not only tutoring on Mathematics, Grammar and Creative Writing.  Thank you, Mr. Anderson Figaro, for your selfless tutoring. May God continue to give you strength wisdom and understanding.

Gabrielle Kathryn Dalrymple

Some Activity Photos – 2015