Teocah Ainka Arieal Dove – Recipient of The Queen’s Young Leader Award – 2015

“My passion for social issues commenced when I became a volunteer member of The Voice of One Overcomers Club (Civil Society NGO:- one of its focus area:- HIV/AIDS) in 2004. This organization laid the foundation that initiated my calling, and a few years later, my career. It sparked my desire to do nothing less but serve humanity! Anderson Figaro was my first mentor, through volunteering under his leadership, I learnt everything from peer education, resource mobilization, activism, community engagement, transformational-servant leadership, engaging with multiple stakeholders, EVERYTHING! He carved the first roadway in my path to fulfilling my full potential.  He is a changemaker from my 1st quarter!”

We congratulate Teocah Ainka Arieal Dove on her accomplishment of being among 60 young leaders from across the British Commonwealth to be awarded with “The Queen’s Young Leader Award endorsed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth”.  The award recognises exceptional youth, (aged 18-29), who have shown substantial commitment and verve as a leader in community development.

Ms. Dove is one of the first female recipients of this honour.


From left to right (Antoinette Glasgow - Administrative Secretary, Anderson Figaro - Founder/Director, Teocah Arieal Ainka Dove - Former VON-OC Youth Ambassador)
From left to right (Antoinette Glasgow – Administrative Secretary, Anderson Figaro – Founder/Director, Teocah Ainka Arieal Dove – Former VON-OC Youth Ambassador)

File Photo:- (June 18, 2009 – prior to our meeting with then First Lady of The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Dr. Jean Ramjohn-Richards)

Annual Children’s Christmas Function – December 15th 2013 (Thanks to all who suppported)

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See some comments below:

“Thanks.  The children seemed to enjoy themselves trendously.  I noticed the attendance has grown quite a bit. This party has become a must on the annual calendar.”

“Once again from the looks of things the children had fun, hopefully I will be there this year All the best for 2014”

“Yr welcome Antoinette…glad to help…”


“An event to remember. Say it with pictures!”


Transition Workshop and Book Review Prize Giving Ceremony 2013

Some comments from Child Psychology Students about the workshop

“The day in California was great!!!   The spokesman, Mr. Figaro was so confident and strong in his words and what he did.  He was nothing less than real.  The things he mentioned really hit home.”

“Truly this workshop tied together almonst everything we did in this course and made it very simple.  It also tested our memory as to check how much we have learned so far.”

“But what attracted me the most was Mr. Figaro’s presentation on Huckleberry Finn.  I have never seen it like that before; and we wonder where our children get these crazy ideas from.  Do we really know what our children are reading!  This statement would stay with me.”

“Mr. Figaro, the founder of The Voice Of One – Overcomers Club; he is strong minded; bold and self confident person.  He has no cover for his mouth and never one time would he ‘suger coat’ anything”


In attendance were children and their parents of the Book Review Competition 2013, other post SEA children, as well as UWI Open Campus Child Psychology Students”

Comments compiled by Maria Mervyn.

Book Review 2013 Finalists (Winner: Keann Maharaj)

Winner of the Book Review 2013 project

Date:  Sunday 19th May 2013,
Venue: “The Transformation Centre”, situated at #56 Railway Road, Dow Village California.

This project was part “A” of our transition project, which seeks to facilitate the transition from “primary school” to “College”. This period in the young child’s life is also a transition as he/she moves from being a child to becoming an “early adolescence”. A dynamic time of physical maturation and emotional development; if inappropriately handled could result in the adolescent becoming delinquent, affected by low self–esteem and the multifaceted challenges associated with this stage of development.

Through the sustained implementation of this programme, individuals, groups, communities and our society will increasingly understand and appreciate that collectively we can make a significant different in our lives and in our society by planting seeds of “universal values”.

We are consistently working towards establishing character on the foundation of “integrity” which would ensure enhance institutions and environments. Passionately and constantly we enhance “knowledge” and “competencies” in individuals, organization and communities.